Annika (huntress1013) wrote in deirdresnape,

Darkness and Light

Finding good CM fanfics is HARD. Most of the time the characters are terribly out of character and unbelievable but I found a few stories that are actually very good. While "Darkness and Light" seems cliché  (Reid gets kidnapped) it really isn't. The character voices are spot on and it gives a wonderful closer look in regards of both Gideon and Reid.

Fandom: Criminal Minds
Title:  Darkness and Light
Author: rushlight75
Category:  established relationship/drama/hurt-comfort
Rating: NC-17
Warning: none
Pairing: Reid/Gideon
Summary: A case from Gideon's past comes back to haunt him. Featuring the ever popular Reid-in-peril.
Tags: criminal minds: reid/gideon
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